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Funique.co.uk Affiliate Programme


Do you have your own website or have the skills to make one?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you have a golden opportunity to earn money for nothing! It may sound too good to be true but that is what we at Funique.co.uk are offering you today. By joining our affiliate programme you are being given the opportunity to earn generous commissions on a wide range of quality European furniture and associated products from customers who visit and purchase from our website after leaving yours. You can earn an above average 10% commission for every sale that is generated as a click through from your site. Even if your visitor doesn't buy on that first visit, our program will keep a record for 30 days ensuring that if he or she returns in that time you will still receive your commission. The more sales your site generates, the more money you can earn!!

We are looking for affiliates to help us introduce Funique.co.uk to new audiences and we promise you'll be rewarded.



Q. Why should I become a Funique.co.uk affiliate?

A. Funique.co.uk is an established quality website with a fast growing customer base. By signing up to become an affiliate for us you will be generating revenue for your own site as well as for ours, plus for every sale we receive as a referral from your site, we pay you money!

Q. Who are Funique.co.uk?

A. Funique.co.uk is no ordinary furniture retailer. We believe everyone should be able to fill their home with quality furniture without the outrageous prices. How? By losing the warehouses, stripping out the middlemen and connecting you directly with the furniture makers.

Q. Will it cost me to join?

A. It's free to join, so why not join - you've got nothing to lose.

Q. How do I join?

A. You can simply click here. This will take you to our joining page.


Q. How long is the cookie length?

A. The cookie length for the programme is 30 days.

Q. How will my visitors link to Funique.co.uk?

A. Once you have applied, and been approved onto the programme you will be able to access the links section. Within this you will find: - Funique Logos - Banner creative in various sizes - Text Links / Links to promotional pages - Voucher codes (when available) - A feed (available as .xml or .csv) which contains all of the most up to date products.

You can use the feed to list individual products on your website, including images, a full description and pricing details. Each product directly links to the relevant page on the Funique website. If you need any assistance with the above, or have bespoke requirements please get in touch!

Q. What support will I receive from Funique.co.uk?

A. We will email you advising you of any product updates or changes to our site. We will advise on anything we think you could do differently to generate more business if we notice anything. If you need any help or extra information you can contact us at affiliates@funique.co.uk and we will do our best to help

Q. What are Funique.co.uk's responsibilities?

A. Our responsibilities are to ensure that every sale we receive as a referral from your website is dealt with professionally and efficiently. We are aware that the service we provide reflects on you and your website and so are committed to providing the best service your visitors can expect to receive.

Q. How much commission will I earn and when do I get paid?

A. When an order is placed by a customer referred from your affiliate link(s) an above average commission rate of 10% of the total sale value is applied to your account. Payment is made to you monthly by Paypal as long as your balance is over £50. If your balance is under £50 it will be carried forward into the next month until it reaches £50.

Q. What are the programme rules?

A.Keyword Policy: Funique does not allow any affiliates to bid on brand terms, nor are affiliates allowed to use these within a display URL in any PPC advertising. This also includes mis-spellings of the brand. Any affiliates found to be doing so will be removed from the programme. This includes (but is not restricted to) the following terms: Funique.com, Funique .co.uk,  Funique.  Please add these keywords/phrases to your negative keyword list to prevent your adverts displaying in error.

Email policy: You are not permitted to send any unsolicited email ("spam") under this Affiliate programme.

Voucher codes terms: Funique will sometimes create special discount voucher codes for affiliates to promote. Details will be emailed to our registered affiliates and also entered into the promotions area. If you are a voucher code site you must not have any misleading copy suggesting there are codes when none exist. We are happy for you to feature special offers, but the phrasing of the button and copy you supply directing customers to the site must be clear.

Q. Can I check my earnings online?

A. Yes, you will be given your own account so you can log into your administration area. All sales and pending sales are in real time, you can see what you have earned and when.

Q. What am I waiting for?

A. Good question, what are you waiting for! Sign up now to join our affiliate program today. Remember the sooner you join, the sooner you start earning money for nothing!


Click to join the Funique affiliate programme today and earn 10% of the value of every sale!


Affiliate Comments


"We have been absolutely delighted with the results of the Funique.co.uk affiliate programme. The quality of their range is first class and the pricing makes it compelling for our visitors."

"Great programme, great earnings, the best I've found on offer"

"A few of our visitors have commented how nice it is to see quality European quality furniture available online - and how sick they are of the Chinese imported stuff you see sold in mass at all the High street and out of town furniture shops!"